Bryant University Instituting Selfie Ban for Graduation

First it was a sorority at the University of Alabama, now it's Bryant University, which is asking its graduating students to refrain from taking selfies while they walk in May.

The reasoning from the administration:

The university's president, Ronald Machtley, says that he's fine with grads snapping photos during the ceremony, as long as they're not up at the podium. But if every single one of the 800 graduating students stopped to selfie their big moment, it would take up too much time and make the ceremony run long.


Sounds sensible enough. This is also in keeping with the Great Selfie Prohibition we predicted in January. The Yahoo! link is trying lump this trend in with restaurants banning patrons from taking pictures of their food, which is devastating because that's 99% of my Instagram feed.

Image via Shutterstock.

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