Bryan Cranston Opens Up About His Feud With Godzilla: 'He's a Jerk'

Bryan Cranston is a true professional. He knows in show business sometimes you have to work with truly awful people you don't like. To survive, you have to learn how to get along with them while you're shooting. He also knows sometimes you have to suck it up and put on a brave, phony smile when reporters ask you what it was like to work with someone who is a total asshole.


But this time, Cranston has clearly been pushed too far. In an exclusive interview obtained by Jezebel, the Emmy Award-winning star finally breaks down and tells it like it is. "I don't like him," Cranston said of his co-star, Godzilla. "He thought he can bully everybody and wouldn't come out of his trailer."

Cranston also divulged that Godzilla made a series of special demands for foods, including live goats. "I didn't care for him at all," he said. "I thought he was a jerk. A total jerk."

It's unclear how this bad blood will impact the movie's big debut this weekend. In 1995, a rift between Ray Liotta and the elephant star of Operation Dumbo Drop reportedly cost the studio millions of dollars in revenue, when Liotta was caught on camera referring to his co-star as a "no-talent hack with a diva complex."

In a recent interview with Lizard Fancy, Godzilla referred to Cranston as "pretty cool guy." (Sorry the article is not online; the magazine only available in print.)

I reached out to a spokesperson at Warner Bros. for a comment and was told to "never, ever, ever call this number ever again." As you can see, the spin machine to cover up this feud is in full effect.

I reached out to Godzilla, but he declined to comment on anything Cranston specifically said. He did tell me I sounded "cute" on the phone and asked if I wanted to come to a screening at the house he's renting in Malibu. I told him I had a boyfriend. He asked me what my boyfriend had do with anything. I told him thanks but I was super busy this week and then I hung up.



I love Bryan Cranston. He's such an interesting interview, and he seems like a real class act.