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Bryan Cranston Is VERY UPSET in the New Godzilla Trailer

It's hard to get excited about the upcoming Godzilla reboot — a good monster movie so soon after Pacific Rim seems too much to hope for. But there's a new trailer out today, and most of it is Bryan Cranston FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Which is quite encouraging!


Cranston spends much of the two and a half minutes yelling, all the while sounding like he's on the verge of tears. He whispers "God help us all" and screeches "You have no idea what's coming" and "You're LYING!" in the overwrought tone of someone camped out at the DMV for the fifth straight day in a row. Which is, of course, an entirely appropriate reaction to a giant monster come to wreck your shit, but it feels like a departure from the average disaster blockbuster and its sternly stoic, lock-jawed heroes who let only the faintest fleeting hint of emotion cross their faces.

Though now I kind of want to give Bryan Cranston a hug. You doing OK, pal?

(h/t the Wire)

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Strange. I didn't find it hard to get excited at all. Especially after I saw Ken Watanabe. It became miraculously easy after that.