Bruce Springsteen Is Called A Cheater; Lindsay Says She And Sam Aren't Through

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  • New Jersey business man Arthur Kelly has filed divorce papers claiming that his wife of 17 years, Ann, has been having an affair with Bruce Springsteen.
  • "Ann says she and Bruce are just friends, but there have been rumors going around the area for more than a year that they had gotten way too close after meeting at a local gym," says a source. Springsteen has been married to Patti Scialfa, also for 17 years. [Star]
  • Lindsay Lohan isn't convinced that she and Samantha Ronson are through. In this video she tells the paparazzi, "You make it seem like it's over — it's not." She adds, "People take breaks ... it's OK ... it's normal ... focus on themselves." [TMZ]
  • Billy Bob Thornton flipped out on a Canadian radio show when one of the anchors announced him as an "actor/musician." Billy Bob had said he wanted no one to reference his acting career. He shut down during the interview and pretended he'd never met Willie Nelson, who his band is on tour with. Then he refused to play the drums when his band performed. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kanye West's girlfriend Amber Rose went home to Philadelphia for the week and was telling friends that she's over Kanye. According to a source: "The whole week she complained about how turned off she was about Kanye and the only reason she is still with him is to stack up money for her and her ex-girlfriend to have a better life together and hopefully get her career on the rise. She said Kanye is a nympho when it comes to sex and she constantly feels like a big old ape is on her back when they have sex." [ONTD]
  • A source says Ryan O'Neil is refusing to post his son Redmond O'Neil's $75,000 bail stemming from a drug possession charge. "Redmond won't be leaving jail anytime soon. Redmond could remain in custody until his next court date on April 24th. His dad won't be bailing him out. There is no chance that Redmond's friends would be bailing him out either as they don't have the financial capability to do so," a source says. [Radar Online]
  • An upcoming episode of 30 Rock will have Tracy Jordan reenacting Tracy Morgan's real life appearance on Chicago's WGN morning show, which went viral after Morgan concluded the interview by lying on the anchor's desk imitating a pregnant woman. [NY Magazine]
  • Rupert Everett isn't too happy with his fellow gay men. He said gay men should only adopt children because surrogacy for homosexual couples is "utterly horrendous." He says, "if you are meant to have babies then great. But this whole idea of two gay guys filling a cocktail shaker with their sperm and impregnating some grim lesbian and then it gets cut out is just really weird." He continued, "It has to change. These awful middle-class queens - which is what the gay movement has become - are so tiresome." [The Daily Mail]
  • Whitney Houston is countersuing her stepmother for $1.6 million. She claims Barbara Houston hasn't been making payments for the condominium where she lives. Whitney's lawyer says her step mother isn't a poor, elderly widow so she shouldn't have to subsidize her living expenses. [Yahoo]
  • American Idol featured a picture of Simon Cowell as a child wearing a sci-fi costume last night. [The Sun]
  • Whoa. Even Trista Sutter's sterilization is corporately financed. This press release is about her decision to get the Essure procedure done now that she has two kids. [PR Newswire]
  • Here's your daily Michael Cera update: his indie movie Paper Hearts will be released in New York and Los Angeles on August 7 and his film Year One will be rated R, not PG-13 like producers wanted. [NY Times]
  • Celine Dion may bid to buy the Montreal Canadians NHL team. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • OMG. Cher once put on a one woman show of West Side Story. Through the magic of video editing, she plays all of the Jets and the Sharks at once. You can watch it here: [The Village Voice]
  • A judge has determined that Steven Taliver, the man who broke into Jamie Foxx's hotel room, is not mentally fit to stand trial. [TMZ]
  • The Smoke Jumpers, the group of DJs who made an anti-Chris Brown song, are facing some new problems because of the song's popularity. Apparently there is already a hip hop group called the Smoke Jumpers, and they are not amused. [Yahoo]
  • Australian sculptor Mitch Mitchell created a $85,000 larger-than-life sculpture of Steve Irwin and he's surprised that no one wants to buy it. []
  • Oh, Prince. A new song on his album MPLSoUND is dedicated to his romantic pursuit of Salma Hayek. Talking to her 17-month-old daughter, one of the lines is: "Hey, Valentina, tell your mama she should give me a call/ When she gets tired of running after you down the hall." [The Daily Express]
  • Bernard B. Kerik, disgraced former New York City police commissioner and former nominee for secretary of homeland security, appeared on the preview episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. [NY Times]
  • British actress Charlotte Rampling is threatening to sue publishers if a biography about her goes on sale. The author claims she authorized the book, but now that it's done she's backing out of the deal. [The Daily Express]
  • Lol. Thanks to the reader who sent us this article, which features the line: "Britney Spears' new sexy look has suddenly made her irresistable [sic] to countless men, including ex-husband Kevin Federline." [Fox News]
  • NBC is threatening to replace Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni on Law & Order: SVU because the actors are demanding more money. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • In the new Harper's Bazaar the mag asks Halle Berry how she feels about the Obama presidency, considering she and her daughter are biracial. She says: "Nahla will grow up in a completely different America. Obama is someone who's more like her than not, who shares her history. Hopefully she'll grow up in a world where it'll be easier than I had it. I had a rough time. I was accused of stuffing the ballot box for my high school prom-queen election because they couldn't believe the only black girl in the school won." [Harper's Bazaar]

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Oh not you Bruce. I always thought if you really cheated on Patti it would be with me...