According to TMZ, Bruce Jenner is" irate over some of the recent leaks and blames it squarely on the big mouths of his girls." The website reports that Jenner has tested his theory by floating his daughters information, only to see it "almost instantly surfaced online."

This is all, apparently, complicated by the fact that the entire family is in the middle of shooting Season 10 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. So basically, a family that's built its entire fortune by starring on a reality show isn't very good at keeping secrets, regardless of their impact.

But on the positive side - it seems from the TMZ story that Jenner has another leak that isn't his daughters. [TMZ]

Azealia Banks and Erykah Badu had a tiny feud on Twitter. It started when a fan asked Badu if she listened to Banks' music. Badu replied:


Then the hometown insult (Badu was in Queen, Banks from Harlem):


And then the inevitable subtweet:

Since Banks is Banks, she started again this morning:



Everything is as it ever was.


The latest reports on Bobbi Kristina Brown indicate that her organs are beginning to slowly shut down. Multiple outlets have reported that, despite previous rumors, Brown's prognosis is dire. Bobby Brown has refused to take his daughter off of life support, appealing instead to the "power of prayer." [NY Daily News]

  • Real Housewife LuAnn de Lesseps spent forty minutes making out with "an exotic-looking Brazilian with long locks." [Page Six]
  • North West dresses better than all of us. She wore a custom Alexander Wang to her latest NY Fashion Week show [NY Times]
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z were "dancing like crazy" at a Prince concert [Us Weekly]
  • Naya Rivera shared a wedding picture [E!]
  • Michelle Rodriguez "kinda feel[s] like a hooker." [NY Daily News]
  • Former star of 16 and Pregnant, Valerie Fairman, was arrested for prostitution. [NY Daily News]


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