It's nearly Valentine's Day (haven't you heard?!); what do you get the loved one who has already has everything? A tie? A trip to their favorite restaurant? Ugh, with these suggestions, it's like you want to get dumped. Instead, do something new and exciting: Take them to the Newtown Creek sewage treatment plant in beautiful Greenpoint, Brooklyn!

In a tradition that started last year, the Newtown Creek sewage treatment plant is offering special Valentine's Day tours that even include a look inside the plant's giant egg-shaped digesters, which is where the poop is kept. Romantic! The perfect place to propose!

They will be offering tours throughout the day — one at 9:30am (for the early love birds), one at 1pm (the lunch crowd) and a third recently added tour (because the other two filled up so quickly) at 11am. Cool scheduling, Newtown Creek. What are those of us who love sewage but also have day jobs supposed to do?

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