Brooklyn Bar to Charge Women 77 Cents on Every Dollar Men Pay

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One bar in Brooklyn is doing their part to protest the wage gap—charging ladies 77 percent of their bar tab.


On Tuesday, July 7 (7/7) Brooklyn’s Doctor Who-themed bar called The Way Station will charge women just 77 percent of their drink’s cost to protest this particular financial inequality in America in the best way, with alcohol. From DNA Info:

Because the gender pay gap is “some shameful sh-t,” the bar wrote in an email promo for the upcoming July 7 theme night.

“Let’s level the playing field, even if it is just for one night. Women deserve better. Recognizing this discrepancy is just a start,” the message read.


If all companies leveled the playing field by charging us broads 77 percent of stuff, men would probably line up to protest the wage gap. ‘Merica.

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brick frog

The comments on the source article are so paint-by-numbers MRA libertarian bullshit, that I honestly believe that most of them have to be satirical.

Gosh I wonder if they can buy a drink for a guy at the same price? After all, whenever we take a lady out drinks are %100 free for the ladies at our expense...

...did any of these women get trashed on their low priced drinks, make bad decisions, and then wake up the next day and accuse people of rape? #leftwingfools

I hope loads of Men Turn up in Drag and self identify as Trans! I wonder how the staff with handle those stats and numbers!

Salty. So salty.