Brooklyn Art Teacher Fired After Threatening To Go On "Columbine-like" Rampage

34-year-old Brooklyn high school teacher Sabrina Milo was held Saturday on $100,000 bail after prosecutors revealed she had threatened a machine-gun rampage that would be like "Columbine all over again."

According to prosecutors, the art teacher was crying inside the teachers lounge at Fort Hamilton High School last Tuesday when three teachers heard her mention bringing a machine gun to school beneath a trench coat, as well as comparing the incident to the tragic massacre at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.

Defense attorney Andrew Stoll asked for Milo's release without bail, insisting she was no threat to anyone.

"She does not own any firearms," Stoll said. "She needs to be medicated."

Stoll insisted the charges of making terroristic threats were "completely unwarranted." Milo faces up to five years in prison if convicted.


Regardless of her intentions, the seriousness of the statements resulted in orders to stay away from the high school and the teacher who made the complaint against Milo. She was also ordered to surrender "any and all firearms" that may be in her possession.

"We're convinced it's going to be dismissed," Milo's lawyer said of the case.

Milo's students tell NY1 that she's a well-liked teacher who's known to joke around.

"I'm just going to say she was having an off-day or something like that," one student said. "All the teachers here are helpful. It doesn't worry me too much."

"I really think Ms. Miles is a cool teacher," another student said. "She's very nice and she likes playing jokes and all that. She didn't mean to offend us and the school."

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If you do a search for "teacher' here, you see article after article with titles like "remarkably idiotic", "student hating", "sex offenders..." Looks like the only good thing you've had to say about teachers lately (who are getting shit on plenty in the media without your help, thanks) was about the teacher who got killed in the tsunami. It's getting pretty old.