Brody Jenner's Latest Instagram: A Tiger Going Down on Kylie Lookalike

Yesterday on Instagram, Brody Jenner posted—then deleted—some pornographic artwork of a brunette woman receiving oral sex from a tiger. Now, people are speculating that the post was an indictment (or a joke) on 25-year-old rapper Tyga’s relationship with Brody’s 17-year-old sister, Kylie Jenner. (The image is relatively NSFW, so prepare to scroll fast.)

I mean, that couldn’t possibly be what he was implying, right? Because no one in their right mind would ever do that to a family member? And, like, that’s a very terrible thing to do to your teenage sister?

While Brody has yet to speak on the image, his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, told TMZ that any, uh, similarities between the woman in the image—a painting called “Burning Bright-Lick” by Isabel Samaras—and Kylie are purely coincidental and that Brody posted the image as a joke because he thought the “Licking 4 my keys” caption was funny.

Yet another reminder that humor is very subjective.



Moving onto another Jenner because WHO ELSE IS THERE THESE DAYS, Miley Cyrus has been hard at work at some Caitlyn Jenner pop art. Good to live in a world where both women are allowed to express themselves, one through transitioning genders and the other through glitter, puff paint, and charmingly limited technical skill. [POPSUGAR]



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