Broad City's New Season 4 Teaser Is Like Sliding Doors But With a Businessman Puking

The women of Broad City have released a new Season 4 teaser, and I’m just so happy to see Abbi and Ilana again I don’t even care what they’re doing.


The teaser, called “When Abbi Met Ilana,” transports us all the way back to 2011, when New York City was an ever-so-slightly different place. The eternally baby-faced Pat Kiernan is on the TV, and Abbi is headed toward the subway, ready to take on the day with her belted shirt and leggings-as-pants.

But when she gets to the turnstile, she finds her MetroCard is out of money, and the train is on its way! She’s screwed. Luckily here comes Ilana, almost unrecognizable with straight hair and people clothes, happy to help by swiping her in. Why neither have unlimited passes is a mystery to me, as is the panic-inducing beeping countdown clock. Those never existed, right? I’d just moved to the city in 2011 myself, but my only train-related memory from that time was an elderly man leaning across the aisle of the F to whack my knee with his cane. Oh, and the guy pissing down the stairs as a rush hour crowd tried to ascend, then very quickly retreat like a herd of terrified cows. Memories!


Anyway, the teaser explores the possibility of the two never becoming friends on account of making the train and going their separate ways, but luckily, we know that was never a realistic possibility, since the train mostly doesn’t come anymore.

Season 4 will debut on September 13, and if you haven’t caught the new trailer yet, well:

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pibber can't swim

This is off topic buuuuut one of my good friends and i got into a blowout fight (it was actually her just screaming at me for several hours until I finally lost my shit and told her to GTFO, but w/e) so this trailer feels good and hurts at the same time. Womp womp