Britney Spears Song 'Toxic' Helped Little Girl Recover From Stroke

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After all these years, Britney Spears’ “Toxic” is still a pretty awesome tune. It also saves lives!


Maegan Johnson, a 13-year-old brain aneurysm and stroke survivor from Alabama, shared a sweet story about her recovery, which she says is owed to the 2003 pop hit. At the age of seven, Maegan experienced a ruptured brain aneurysm. Her parents were told by doctors “not to expect a good outcome.” During a procedure, she also suffered a stroke and underwent a 10-hour brain surgery. Afterwards, unable to communicate, Maegan became depressed.

When someone played the Britney Spears tune for Maegan, she began to smile, and tried to move her hips and arms, reports THR. Afterwards, doctors incorporated the song into all of her therapy sessions. Six years later, Maegan looks happy and healthy in a video she posted of herself dancing to the song. on Facebook. Naturally, she wanted to thank Brit Brit and tell her inspiring story.


Looks like the word spread to Spears, because the pop singer shared the video on her own Facebook page with the comment: “Thank you for sharing your incredible story, Maegan! I’m so inspired by you and I’m touched my music helped you get through such a difficult time.‪#‎JustKeepDancing‬, sweetie!! You are AMAZING!”

And since we all want to get up and dance to it now:

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SadeVEVO ✓ official

The emergency room’s personnel stared down at the young girl’s body. Something about her aura had changed. The EKG’s steady pulse gained the ineffable quality of a dirge. The lonely drumbeat of a vacant mind; an imprisoned body. A defeated Dr. Spears gripped into her surgical mask and slowly dragged it from her face. Her surgical staff had all but collapsed from exhaustion, and fought to avoid her enervating gaze.

“Oops,” she sighed, a weak smirk of finality crossing her face, eyes shimmering with the unlikely tears of a professional who—after decades of losing a constant war against Mortality—has finally let it break through her impenetrable shell of stoicism. She faced her reflection in the two-way mirror. Beyond her sable countenance—somewhere in the adjoining room—the girl’s parents looked back into her eyes with desperation.

“...I did it again.” Dr. Spears’ weak grin slowly, steadily transitioned into her usual broad smile. And as the room filled with tears of joy, passionate laughter, and the warm embraces of friends and family; Britney invisibly weaved her way through the crowd towards the exit. The celebration of life sank into another numb gray fog. The sounds of joy smoothly transitioned into the sounds of falling rain, as she slipped unseen into another Chicago night. A phantom hero—her own image ever fading. Her own life—the only one she could not save.