Britney Spears in Legal Dispute Over Bumble Dating App Product Placement Deal

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Image via Getty

Britney Spears is involved in a legal dispute with a creative agent accused of falsely representing her in a product placement deal with the dating app Bumble.

Spears’ lawyers reportedly sent a letter to the Kluger Agency’s Adam Kluger, claiming he misrepresented himself as a rep for the singer in a potential partnership with Bumble for an upcoming music video. TMZ reports:

According to the letter, obtained by TMZ, Kluger allegedly told Bumble he had authority to rep Britney for an $800,000 deal that would put the Bumble name all over her new vid. The lawyer says Bumble agreed and gave Kluger $200k up-front. Kluger then made a deal with Britney’s label, RCA, to pay them $450,000 for the Bumble product placement promotion.


Spears’ lawyers further claim that Kluger’s $350,000 charge for negotiating the deal is excessive. Kluger maintains that he never marketed himself as a rep for Spears and that his company merely acts a liaison between artists and brands. He says he previously helped pair Spears with another dating service, Plenty of Fish, in a product placement deal. The site is featured in Spears’ video for “Hold It Against Me.”

Image screengrab via YouTube
Image screengrab via YouTube

Kluger’s lawyer told TMZ, “We are going to defend the sterling reputation of the Kluger Agency in court as necessary. The allegations are false. The Kluger Agency has done nothing wrong.”

Though Spears’ video won’t feature a Bumble placement, TMZ reports she’s still working with them on a future project.

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