The lack of pap pics of Spears lately is a recurring point for Spears fans. Other theory videos have singled out a post earlier this month in which Spears lavished some very unexpected praise upon her younger sister Jamie Lynn, whom Spears has long accused of being complicit in Spears’ conservatorship and abuse. As of Friday, when Spears posted a suggestive video of herself dancing to a Christmas song and eating cake on the floor, some said the video was old, as it has no relevance to the caption alluding to her recent 41st birthday.

Another theory is that Spears has never had control of her Instagram account even since her conservatorship lifted, and whoever does have control purposefully posts more unhinged content timed to new hearings or developments in her ongoing legal fight against her dad. One hearing took place place last Wednesday. Asghari, some of her fans posit, has essentially recreated the very conservatorship from which Spears struggled for years trying to get free.


“Celebrity is actually dead and uses a body double” is a pretty common internet conspiracy theory. See: right-wing websites during the time Hillary Clinton got pneumonia in 2016, the great Avril Lavigne replacement theory, or, my personal favorite, the Melania Trump body double theory.


Nevertheless, I’ll never blame Britney fans for being afraid for her safety. Spears was in a conservatorship that controlled and surveilled every aspect of her life for 13 years. And for a while, her father and others in the conservatorship did a pretty decent job making it look like everything was OK—even as, on the inside, Spears testified that she was being denied time with her children, forced into abusive rehabilitation centers, and required against her will to keep an IUD in, despite wanting more children.

The #FreeBritney crowd has been right about some things in the past, and Spears’ social media activities have been a bit out there lately. But I’m not convinced the singer is buried somewhere in Fiji and that Asghari is employing a rotation of body doubles to keep up pretenses. Spears deserves nothing but safety, freedom, and love after everything she’s had to endure, and to that end, I can’t imagine that a smattering of viral conspiracy theories about whether she’s even alive are particularly pleasant for her to watch.