Britney Spears Falls On Stage in Vegas, Smiles

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Britney Spears twisted her ankle while speed-dancing through one of her Las Vegas shows on Wednesday night. It’s OK. She’s OK. The smile is OK. :|]

The “(You Drive Me) Crazy” routine in question involved Britney’s usual stoic thrusting, cheerleader arms and the goddess being lifted into the air by her dancers.

First of all, slow down, girl. Really hitting those moves.

Britney makes it through almost the full choreography, thanks her band and then takes a bow before stumbling and reportedly either twisting or spraining her ankle.


All is well, though.

Additional cool news: Britney’s getting her own app via Glu, the same developers who blessed us with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

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She seems to be operating at half speed. I feel for this woman, and I wonder how it’s good for her to be doing however many shows a week, given her issues. She just seems to be going through the motions, with no real zest.