Britney Spears Dyed Her Hair Brown and It Is Legitimately Notable, We Swear

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It's not notable in, like, a world history kind of a way, but you have to admit that BRITNEY'S NEW HAIR LOOKS REALLY GOOD, YOU GUYS. And she seems to have a vigor and a pulled-togetherness about her that we haven't seen from Brit-Brit in years.

She's got a new man in her life, a hit single with, and she's supposedly recording her eighth studio album as we speak. So what's up with Brit's new look? Blake Jacobs says Britney's hair color has always been a barometer of her mental health. "It's a lot like the TSA terror alerts: Blonde means relatively low risk, brown is an elevated threat level, pink means we're at a very high risk, and bald is HOLY CRAP, EVERYBODY RUN FOR HIGHER GROUND." So what do you think? Does a non-blonde Brit mean a return to the nutty days of yore? Or that she's she's settling down?

I don't know what it means but I'm PRO. [WoW]

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Denise Richards tweeted at Charlie Sheen to go to bed last night.

The mother of three, who divorced Sheen in May 2011 after three years of marriage, wrote back, "Come help me clean the damn garage for their playroom."

"I'm BUSY LADY! LOOK!" Sheen tweeted with a picture of himself hanging out with a friend.

"Yes I see," Richards replied. "Time to pack it in and GO TO BED you have a 5:30am call . . . 3 1/2 hrs so get your ass up to your room."

But her ex-husband wasn't done with his night of fun. The Anger Management actor wrote back, "I SAID LOOK!" with a second photo of himself holding a bottle and digging in his fridge.

"Charles . . . not to be a buzzkill . . . But this is the point where the night can go sideways," Richards answered him.

Sigh. I hope some day I can find a man who's actually an enormous drunk toddler and literally needs me to give him a bedtime even after we're broken up. [Us]

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Wait, what? Andy Samberg is marrying Joanna Newsom? I am not against that at all, but I was not aware.

No joke — Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg is getting married! A rep for the actor confirms to Us Weekly exclusively that the 34-year-old funnyman is engaged to his girlfriend of five years, singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom.

Samberg was smitten with the 31-year-old musician even before they met through mutual friends. "He liked her music and would go to her shows," a pal told Us last year. "He had the biggest crush on her."

Newsom is equally enamored of her beau. "She respects what he does with his songs," the friend said, referring to Samberg's quirky tracks ("I'm on a Boat!") with comedy troupe Lonely Island. "She's so proud of everything that he has accomplished."

The happy couple have kept a relatively low profile over the last five years, preferring quiet date nights at home to all-night parties. Added the pal: "They have great chemistry."


They've been together for FIVE YEARS? I am stupid and don't pay attention to anything. [Us]

Hoh-hoh-hohhh, Gerard Depardieu is a real Russian now.

The French film legend officially registered as a resident of the Russian city of Saransk on Saturday. This is the final step in his quest to become a Russian citizen after he renounced his French citizenship amid a dispute over taxes.

Per the Christian Science Monitor, Depardieu took an apartment on Democracy Street in the heart of downtown Saransk in the Republic of Mordovia. The move was required so he could provide a home address, thereby allowing him to receive key public services including access to schools and health care in his newly adopted country.



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I'm not sure if a Joanna Newsom cover of "I'm on a Boat" would be awesome or terrifying. Or both.