British Prime Minister David Cameron Has Some Explaining To Do

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British Prime Minister David Cameron is desperately trying to save his reputation with women after he made some comments recently that were perceived by many as sexist and outdated. The Daily Mail explains,

"He came under fire after saying Tory backbencher Nadine Dorries was 'extremely frustrated' and told opposition MP Angela Eagle to 'calm down, dear.'"

Those definitely aren't the worst things a male politician has ever said to a female colleague, but they certainly don't sound respectful either. Regardless, he's now busy back-peddling and apologizing. Speaking at the beginning of his Conservative party's conference, he admitted,

"It's my fault. I've got to do better, I totally accept. I'm the one who's got to explain who I am and what I'm like and what I think."


At least he is owning his mistakes, but now he's "extremely frustrated" because people think he's one of those lads:

"What I find frustrating is that I'm not a sort of 'All right luv, I'm down the pub tonight' whatever. That's not me. But obviously I've come across that way."

Who knows whether Cameron's apologies are genuine, but if they don't work, he's going to have to find another way to make amends with women because is Conservative party desperately needs female voters to turn out if they want to win a majority in the coming election.

David Cameron Apologies In Sexism Row In A Bid Not To Alienate Female Voters [Daily Mail]


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Wow... in 'Murrica, he would have doubled down on the dickishness, and the Fox News propaganda machine would have dedicated a week of bullshit analysis from Aryan women as to how liberal politics and political correctness are Destroying America.