British Newspaper Provides Helpful Guide to TV Nudity

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Are you a UK television fan concerned about where to see naked bodies after this season of Game of Thrones wraps up? Well, luckily, one newspaper has provided you with a handy guide.

Yes, the Telegraph is riding to your rescue with an article headlined, “Where can I watch nudity on TV now that Game of Thrones is nearly over? Channel 4 has the answer.” Yes, sure, there’s the controversial Versailles from BBC2. The Telegraph acknowledges that might not be your preference, however: But what if you’re a passionate Brexiter, interested only in exclusively British nudity?” In that case, you’ll want to turn to Channel 4, which has “an entire season of naked TV” in the works:

Forthcoming documentary The Great British Skinny Dip will focus on British Naturism, and its campaign to encourage timid swimmers across the UK to take the naked plunge this September. Yes, it sounds a bit chilly – but at least Channel Four are doing their bit to promote getting active.

Another new show called Naked Attraction, meanwhile, will see love-hungry singletons pick out a prospective partner from a naked line-up. (And they say Tinder is killing romance…)


Bringing up the rear is Stripped, “a new reality series in which households will be ‘stripped’ of all their possessions, including clothing, and permitted to ask for just one item back a day.”

Presumably they’re attempting to call out Channel 4 for its bum-heavy programming, but in a cheeky way. The piece does include this poll, after all.

Illustration for article titled British Newspaper Provides Helpful Guide to TV Nudity

However, the result reads like a straightforward piece of service journalism. Hopefully featuring this article will prove helpful to our readers in the United Kingdom.


Screencap via HBO.

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