BRIT DISCOUNT BOOZE CRISIS: Grocery Chain Cancels Prosecco Promotion Amid Talk of Shortages

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Meanwhile, across the pond: worries about a prosecco shortage are reaching crisis levels, as high demand forces grocery store Sainsbury’s to cancel a discount on the seasonal treat. Will summer 2016 recover?


For weeks, there’s been talk of prosecco shortages. The Independent reported on the possibility in April, picking up an alarming quote from an analyst—“Supply is finite. Demand is growing everywhere in the world”—and suggesting stores might turn to cava (cava!) as an alternative. I

n early May, news of an impressive harvest suggested everything would be fine—and now, this.

The Telegraph reports that customers ordered prosecco at the listed price of £7.50 a pop, only to receive an email from Sainsbury’s announcing that actually, due to “unprecedented demand,” they had to charge £10 per—though they’d receive a voucher for the difference:

Some people have been charged large sums more than they expected after the special offer was rescinded - as Sainsbury’s made the special offer ‘stackable’ - which meant it could apply to other food and drink items if you bought the Prosecco.

Phil Coysh, 59, from Stroud, told the Gloucester Citizen he ordered 12 bottles of Taste The Difference Prosecco and 30 bottles of Amstel beer online and was expecting to make a saving of over £40 by combining a number of separate offers. It should have cost a total of £67.50.

However, he was told the special offer no longer applied - and therefore thinks he has been charged £90.

(A tragedy. Though Phil noted that he has yet to check his credit card bill. Perhaps he should consider online banking?)

Said a Sainsbury’s spokesperson: “Our Prosecco offer has been extremely popular and, as with all offers, was subject to availability. We understand that some customers may be disappointed so, as a gesture of goodwill, have offered them e-vouchers.”


Stay tuned for more developments in this crippling discount booze crisis.

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