Bristol Palin Demands an Apology from Jimmy Kimmel, Gets Jack Squat

Bristol Palin appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night after being voted off Dancing with the Stars (shoulda gone with the Pachanga, OBV), and wasted no time in demanding an apology from noted Sarah Palin-skewerer Jimmy Kimmel. Funny how one's defensive ire against evil comedians evaporates as soon as one is offered HELLA ATTENTION on one of their television shows.


Anyhoo, the exchange probably wasn't as satisfying as Bristol had hoped:

JIMMY: "I appreciate you coming, because I've made, I don't know, probably one or two jokes about your mother over the years."
BRISTOL: "Yes. I'm here for my apology."
JIMMY: (laughing) "You're here for the apology? I'm sorry."
BRISTOL: "No, you're not!"
JIMMY: "No, I'm not sorry, you're right. But I will allow you to make 48,000 jokes about my mother, just to make us even."
BRISTOL: "Well I don't know your mom."
JIMMY: "Well if you knew her you would make fun of her. That I can promise you."

It's actually kind of a cute clip. If Bristol Palin wasn't such an entitled, intellectually incurious, bad-for-America simpleton, she seems like she could be a fairly pleasant 21-year-old human being. But oh well.

Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Bristol Palin for Sarah Palin jokes, almost means it [EW]



" intellectually incurious"

This is perhaps the most biting and disdainful label I can think to put on someone. Nice.