Bristol Palin Clarifies Words On Her "Stolen" Virginity

Bristol gave an interview to Good Morning America this morning in which she explained some of the more talked-about snippets from her memoir. One particular word that's been cause for speculation was the use of her word "stolen" in regards to losing her virginity with Levi Johnston. She explains,

"[Stolen] is what it felt like. I'm not accusing Levi of date rape or rape at all but I am just looking back with my adult eyes that I have now, and just thinking 'that was a foolish decision.' I should have never been underage drinking, and I should have never gotten myself into a situation like that."


Palin goes on to talk about abstinence, a word she "hates," because she was, in fact, using birth control when she became pregnant with Tripp (she doesn't mention the method she was using.) From her own experience she concludes, "If you want to prevent teenage pregnancy, [abstinence] is the only option."

And then there's Levi. Bristol strongly stands behind the ugly picture she paints of him in the book (coming home with hickeys on his neck, saying Tripp had "better be a fucking boy," etc.) and refers to him as the "gnat who was constantly spreading false accusations about our family." She calls herself a "Single Mom," saying, "I don't know if Levi will be a big role model — or in his life at all." When asked how much contact Levi currently has with son Tripp, Bristol responded with "Certainly, not as much as he's entitled to."

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From snippets of the memoir I've seen, it definitely sounds like rape. If that's the case, I really hate that she's painting it as her own mistake. There could be all kinds of deep emotional issues going on here for Bristol, but mostly I just see this as another great example of victim blaming.