Photo by Nabisco via The Impulsive Buy

Gawker Media had a party last night and I’m very tired now. It’s hot as hell and blogging is hard and I just want these terrible-sounding Swedish fish Oreos. I like things that are bad and that’s just who I am, all right?

I’m not in the office right now—it’s unclear if I’ll make it to the office today, to be perfectly honest with you— but bring me these godawful-sounding, trash, chemical-laden cookies and I’ll give you a tour or something. Maybe I’ll rain-check you on the tour, but, you know, it’ll totally happen. Yeah.

“That’s not a Senior Week blog post,” sniffed managing editor Kate Dries, when I asked if I could write this post. “It’s just a regular post for you.”

Whatever. Bring me these Oreos, which are, for very good reasons, only available for a limited time.

This isn’t a sponsored post or a money-making venture of any kind, I just want to eat this assuredly shit-tasting cookies and then insistently offer them to other people, as is my wont: “Try this! You won’t believe how bad it is!”


I would also accept a burrito.