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Brie Larson Is Captain Marvel

Image via AP
Image via AP

Straight out of Comic-Con, studio execs announced on Saturday that Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel, making her the first woman to play a title character in the Marvel universe.


This is not to say that a woman playing Captain Marvel is out of left field, since Carol Danvers has long been a fixture in the character’s long, gender-shifting history.


Still, it’s gratifying that the cheers intensified at the introduction of “Captain Marvel herself.” If there were any boos or audible pouts from disapproving men, they were drowned out by wild applause.

Don’t get too excited though: The release date isn’t until March 2019, which is just preposterously far from now. By that time, Emperor Trump will have plummeted us into the ocean many times over.

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I was kind of hoping they were going to go with an older actress (specifically Katee Sackoff, because I am allowed to dream), but Larson is very talented. At this point, I am willing to take any kind of win.

I’m also still on a high after watching the Wonder Woman trailer, because that is everything I ever wanted out of a Wondie trailer.