Bridezillas, the addictive reality franchise that presents brides as stereotypically insane perfectionists, is returning to remind you of a sad yet simple time in your life when you sat and watched marathons of the show all day long.

Sometime in 2018, WE tv will premiere 10 more episodes of classic Bridezillas freak-outs, irrational tantrums and maniacal wedding planning, in the name of love.

Deadline reports:

The original Bridezillas ended its run in 2013 after 10 seasons and launched spinoff series and hit WE tv franchise Marriage Boot Camp which recently concluded its eighth season. Casting is currently underway nationwide for the 2018 series.

WE tv‚Äôs president Marc Juris described Bridezillas as ‚Äúnothing short of pop culture phenomenon‚ÄĚ and cited high audience demand as the reason for a reboot, using marketing lingo like ‚Äústrategic growth asset.‚ÄĚ There‚Äôs certainly no shortage of nightmare brides to fuel such demand and people will love this, but we‚Äôre curious to see how the packaging is received in this climate.