Bride Wars: Recessionistas Strip Wedding Dresses From Superstore

American women, behold: Your wedding-industrial complex at work. (Speaking of industrious, keep an eye on the woman with the lavender backpack.) We suggest you turn down the volume or create a soundtrack of your choosing.


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Kitty Conner

Please ladies, please. Can we not snark so hard on these women? And, for that matter, on those who choose the big white wedding? If you can afford it, if it's something that a bride and groom chooses, of their own volition, perhaps we should all stop hating on those choices? Why is it that we immediately jump to Cameron Diaz's defense when someone crosses the line about her suncare choices, but the minute someone says wedding, all bets are off? Crazy bride bashing, here we come.

I know, I know, but the wedding industrial complex! and forcing women to buy crap they don't need! and going into debt! and concentrating on the wedding more than the marriage! I get that those things exsist. But they are going to exsist, regardless of how sickened we might feel about them, or how superior we feel about our simple, inexpensive courthouse ceremonies to our one true loves.

Don't you think that many, many of these brides feel the same way? That they are making the best choice for them and their husband to be, and, on some level, their families?

And really, is the Wedding Industrial Complex any different than the fashion/home/lifestyle complexes that try to convince us that we need a new, fancy bag/countertop/yoga mat? There is an entire workforce that exsists simply to get us to buy crap, to think bigger than our budgets, to want things that are 'better' than what we already have or can easily attain. Why is it that we feel so much angst about these same marketing pressures directed toward weddings?

Big, white, traditional weddings aren't a bad or awful thing. They can be fun, maybe a little silly, but who cares? It's not your wedding, is it?