Bride & Prejudice

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[Bucharest, May 17. Image via Getty]

Romanian women wearing bridal dresses pose in front of the parliament in the center of Bucharest during the Bride Parade on May 17, 2009. Around 100 brides took part in the event organized by a wedding photographer and a bridal wear fashion designer to promote marriage as one of the most glamorous events of a lifetime. AFP PHOTO / DANIEL MIHAILESCU (Photo credit should read DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/Getty Images)

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I think that's why the divorce rate is sky high and will continue to rise. The bridal industry promotes it (getting married) as a big party, oooh lala look at me, spend tons of money. No one talks about the boredom and downright blandness of day to day married life. It's just some stupid party and nothing after, it pisses me off. FAIL