Bride Is Burned and Maid of Honor Breaks Bones in Escape From Fire

A bride and her maid of honor were forced to jump from a three-story-window to escape an apartment fire just days before the planned wedding.

Lenise Ruff and her maid of honor Marilyn Kruc were trapped when their apartment in Centennial, Colorado caught fire on Monday. Via ABC News:

Without other options, Ruff and Kruc had to jump from their third-floor apartment rather than risk remaining near the smoke and flames. Ruff suffered burns on her face and hands, while Kruc had two broken vertebrae. In spite of the injuries, Ruff decided to go ahead with the wedding, even though she wasn't sure whether Kruc would be able to attend. The day before the wedding Ruff talked to Kruc, who insisted she would be able to attend the ceremony no matter what.


Kruc spent several days in the hospital, recuperating from her injuries. But she made it to her friend's wedding, walking down the aisle in a back brace using a walker so she could serve as maid of honor. The women were in tears when they embraced each other at the wedding, according to News 9. "We rolled with the punches," Ruff said. "This day is something I've always looked forward to, but I'm just happy I'm here." These two should get their own show: Ruff and Kruc.

So the next time your maid of honor complains about having to wear those uncomfortable pointy shoes you picked out to go with the bridesmaids dresses, give a stern look and remind of Marilyn Kruc, Greatest Maid of Honor of All Time.

Screencap via News 9.

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