In case you were wondering, Bret Michaels was always a royal dickwad. These pictures—probably NSFW—are the proof:

First, we have Bret engaging in an intimate sex act in front of onlookers. Earlier this week, we learned that this kind of behavior is called "dogging" in England. Which makes this pictures significantly more disgusting.


Also gross? The caption, which calls the svelte woman in a bikini a "heffer."

But leaving aside my easily triggered gag-reflex, let's return to the other Most Important Issue of the Week: Bret Michael's abs. Bret recently received some digital enhancement on the cover of Billboard, but these pictures are from a golden time before airbrushing became all the rage, before men were apt to paint their bellies with bronzer and get high off the noxious fumes of their own self-importance. These photos are from the 80s.


So there you have it. Photographic proof that Bret Michaels has always had ripped abs. And, judging by the caption, he's always been a sexist prick.


Bret Michaels, Ugly Chicks, Shitty Beer: Random 80s Hair Metal Pool Party Pictures [Deadline Hollyweird]

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