Bret Easton Ellis Markets Book With Painful Subservient-Woman Game

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The campaign encourages users to put themselves in the place of a seedy Hollywood producer and virtually harass a young actress on an audition. The most offensive thing about it is how unoriginal it is.

The online promotion, called "The Devil In You" is ostensibly meant to measure your ethical "score" based on what you choose to force an aspiring actress in a bad wig named "Ellie Moss" to do on a Flash video page. Your choices include "Proposition her," "Ask her to strip," "Give her booze," "Give her drugs," "Encourage her," "Ridicule her," "Make her dance," etc. Clicking a command causes a pre-taped segment to play, with the unseen producer (based on the one in Ellis' book) acting out your command and the actress reacting to being hit on (she turns him down hesitantly), offered drugs (she does them), etc.

At the bottom of each screen is the choice to "Let her go." It's kind of like "Choose Your Own Adventure" but less entertaining since no actual story emerges — as soon as each segment is done you're back to the choice screen. When you realize how boring the "game" is and click "Let her go," you're taken to a screen that gives you a percentage meant to show how much you have "the devil in you." You can then send the special meaningful score of exactly how bored you are at work to Twitter or Facebook and promote Ellis's book to your friends:

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The lamest thing about this promotion, though, is its unoriginality. Navigating through the "game" (which, oh my god, nobody gets paid enough to do that) my biggest emotion was "I feel so sorry for whoever had to make this awful thing!" Remember Burger King's "Subservient Chicken" campaign from April of 2004? This is just like that, only not as interesting, six whole years later, because you can't enter your own commands. If I could, I'd tell Ellie Moss to "THROW UP ON THE PRODUCER."

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I once thought Ellis was a good author and had something to say. When I was 15. By the time I was about 17 I had already figured out how emotionally shallow and lacking in any true content his work is.

Dude, you're a hack. You've been repeating the same basic themes in increasingly stupid ways for years now. The entire content of most of your work could be summed up as "I essentially have no soul, and that makes me superior to other people. Lack of empathy is cool and sexy, and lack of emotional affect is super manly".

This is not clever or edgy or even particularly interesting. Either come up with something new to say or be quiet.

ETA - That's kind of the point about Ellis, really. His entire worldview pretty much corresponds to that annoying teenage stage where you think acting so jaded and world weary means that you're the coolest person ever. Once you hit adulthood it's just sort of boring and pitiful to observe.