Photo: Vogue

Vogue’s 125th anniversary September issue features cover shots of Jennifer Lawrence done by four powerhouse photographers, including one of Lawrence in a red satin dress, on a boat, staring resolutely away form the Statue of Liberty and scowling, shot by Annie Leibovitz. The accompanying text reads, “American Beauty: Jennifer Lawrence on love, liberty, and the freedom to be herself.” It’s purposefully vague, suggesting little more than girl-next-door approachability and a champagne toast to patriotism.

Or, if you’re Breitbart’s finance and economics editor, John Carney, maybe you see a cryptic message from the liberal media that goes a little something like “fuck your freedom, let’s have a debate about immigration.”



Allow me to explain. On Thursday Carney tweeted this:


The observation was followed by a since-deleted tweet that, according to Entertainment Weekly, read “clearly an allusion to our current immigration debate taking the #poemlaw side.” This is a reference to a recent spat between White House senior advisor Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta over the true meaning of the Statue of Liberty and whether it could be interpreted as a symbol of requiring immigrants to speak perfect English if they plan on staying in the United States.

This idiotic exchange took place a week ago, while the cover, as Vogue’s director of communications helpfully pointed out, was shot in June.