Breathe A Sigh Of Relief — Gwyneth Paltrow Lost The Weight!

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Did you know Neve Campbell "looked quite heavier" in a bikini twelve years after Wild Things? You don't need Us Weekly to find out — just ABC News' slideshow, pegged to Gwyneth Paltrow's allegedly dramatic weight gain for a role.


We were unable to take one for the team and go through all 70 slides, but it appears that men have also been subject to this "Ups And Downs Of Celebrity Weight" claptrap. We can say, however, that it's hard to summon the same level of excitement that People, and then ABC News' website, had for Gwyneth Paltrow's cuh-razy weight gain to play a country singer.

People breathlessly reported yesterday that "It wasn't easy for Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer to sit by and watch her client pack on 20 pounds to play an alcoholic singer in Country Strong. But Tracy Anderson had faith that Paltrow would lose the weight quickly." Lose it she did. And judging by Anderson's solid track record on healthful solutions for women, let's take it on faith that this was achieved by no change in the 38-year-old's regimen whatsoever.


We're not interested in micro-analyzing Paltrow's figure, but we do agree that it's hard to see much of a difference when it comes to Paltrow's frame in the two above shots. Now can we stop talking about how gaining weight is such an insane sacrifice for actresses? Followed by the obligatory assurance that it was so, so easy to drop it again?

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