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Breastfeeding Bill Protects Nursing Mothers

Illustration for article titled Breastfeeding Bill Protects Nursing Mothers

Tired of the "breastfeeding in public is totally obscene" brigade? Well so is Washington State Rep. Tami Green, who is sponsoring a bill to ensure that nursing mothers have the right to breastfeed in public.


Rep. Green claims that she wants to ensure that "infants in our state ... are getting the very best brain food they can get," and has been backed by fellow Rep. Lynn Kessler, who fully supports the legislation and claims that those who think that women shouldn't be allowed to breastfeed in public because it's "obscene" need to "grow up." [SeattleTimes]

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while I'm all for any legal punishments for breastfeeding in public being abolished, I've got to say that while it's natural, and a great thing for women to do, that doesn't necessarily mean its something that should be done in public under all circumstances. A woman on the subway with me breastfed a 1 year old next to me the other day, and while I understand the kids got to eat the kids got to eat, when you're on the subway you're headed someplace, generally less than an hour a way...can't you wait a minute? I don't think adults should eat on the subway either, for what its worth...