Breast Cancer Charity Says 'Thanks But No Thanks' to Motorboating Bros

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Remember these dudes who guilt-tripped dozens of women into letting themselves be motorboated For Breast Cancer? Their charitable giving... hasn't gone as planned.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, according to a scoop from the Daily Dot, has rejected the $2,080 the bros of Simple Pickup raised on the grounds that they weren't wild about how the money was raised. Here's what the BCRF told TDD, via email,

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. The donation from the makers of this video, a group called Simple Pickup, came in via BCRF's online automated donation page without our knowledge of any of the activities involved in the making, solicitation, and distribution of their campaign.

We appreciate efforts to raise money to advance breast cancer research, but out of respect for the community we serve, we have asked Simple Pickup to cease all references and associations to our organization and are refunding their donation immediately.


Trombone sound effect.

Let this be a lesson to people who were thinking of maybe fingerblasting for ovarian cancer: charities don't like it when you use their name to convince women to let you touch their private parts in public, and then post videos of it to the internet.

[Daily Dot]

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What these men did was disgusting, but, not accepting funds does a disservice to the women who willingly participated under the assumption money would be donated to breast cancer research/foundation/patients/etc.. Since I work in oncology, I've pondered how I would feel about receiving these funds, and my concern was that not accepting them would be a slap in the face to the women who participated. I do not think this sort of thing should be encouraged, but I do wish that the women who were groped/motorboated, etc. actually did it for the cause. Now it seems that it really was just to satisfy a strange male conquest to grope a bunch of women. Perhaps another charity will take the money, or they will donate it under another name. I just want to see the promise that was made to those women fulfilled.

I do hope that this discourages people from replicating the "Simple Pickup" scheme.