Breast Cancer Awareness Just Gets Sexier Every Day

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The "I like it on the floor" Facebook meme is the latest "sexy-breast-cancer-awareness" campaign. Is all awareness good awareness, or at a certain point does purse-innuendo just...have nothing to do with breast cancer?


Maybe you've seen the status updates. "I like it on the floor," someone will write, or "I like it on the table" or "I like it anywhere."

"It" stands for "where you like to put your purse" and, in the tradition of "my bra is red" and "I heart boobs," it's a meme designed both to mystify men and raise breast-cancer awareness.

On the one hand, awareness: good. In the wake of the arguably idiotic "what color is your underwear" campaign, Susan G. Komen Foundation reported an upswing in interest and contributions. And yet, do we even need to say why the puerile sexifying is problematic? Take this description on the meme's Facebook fanpage: "Whether you are a full-fledged Breast Cancer supporter or a shameless, sexually-charged horndog, this page is for you." Here's hoping there's some overlap. And while female solidarity's great, the element of titillation is undeniable; "the male gaze" is — literally — apt here. Whether the "that's what she said"-style viral campaign is harmless, and the ends justify the means, is up to you. Here's the thing: we'd find it more palatable if each innuendo went beyond the rather vague "awareness" and included a donation — or at least a link — towards material breast cancer research support.

Is this the only way of reaching young girls? Either way, it's got us talking about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which some would say ends the debate right there. In any case, here's a more direct way to contribute.

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