Of the exploding local population of bachelor deer, that is.

Gothamist reports that Staten Island’s deer population has ballooned unbelievably in recent years, skyrocketing from 24 in 2008 to 763 in 2014. That comes to something like 42 deer per square mile, ready and waiting to dash into the path of your oncoming car on a gloomy night. All that from a hardy few “presumed to have swum from New Jersey”—naturally.

Something must be done, and NYC Parks has concluded that something is a MASS VASECTOMY:

To combat the crisis, NYC Parks today announced plans to vasectomize every single male deer as soon as this coming fall, assuming the State’s approval. The surgical approach to crowd control would be carried out over three years, and is expected to reduce the borough’s herd by between 10-30%.

Congrats to these deer on their hedonistic futures full of no-strings-attached sex without fear of another mouth to feed.


Photo via AP Images.