Breaking: High Heels Make Your Legs Look Good

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You'd better sit down for this one. No, actually you're going to want to stand up, because sitting and getting comfortable in general makes you look like a fatty. The Daily Mail continued its record of journalistic excellence today with a stunning revelation: Wearing high heels makes you look slightly slimmer! We thought women were just wearing them because they enjoy having difficulty walking, but according to the paper heels will make you drop a full dress size — particularly if they're "nude," and you're light-skinned.


The paper supplies some undeniable photographic evidence of this shocking phenomenon. With the help of some high heels (and a different pose, airbrushing, and possibly a smaller size dress) their model looks somewhat thinner (and thin=good, obvs). This incredible new "diet in a shoe" is even more popular than chugging cayenne pepper and maple syrup right now. Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all tried it, and it's even been named one of Lucky magazine's "The Next Big Things '09." We salute the paper for always bringing us the latest fashion trends.


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Old lady weighing in on this (yet ~again~)

Don't wear heels on any sort of regular basis if you value your knees and your toes.

I lived in heels from the time I was 20 till the time I was 30-ish. Now my knees are so effed up that I can't walk down steep stairs. I'm like and 80 year old woman when I try to get off of a bus. People my age are audibly sighing at how long it takes me to get down those stairs. Because my patellae are *RUINED*. I'm serious. Stay out of heels except for special occasions.

/rant off.