Breaking: Deez Nuts Up 8 Percent in the Polls Against Clinton & Trump

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Presidential candidate Deez Nuts, who filed in Iowa last week on the independent ticket, already has a slight edge in the polls. Public Policy Polling has found that despite much of the country’s unfamiliarity with Nuts’s platform, a full 8% of Americans say they would vote for him over Clinton and Trump.

The North Carolina based polling firm, considered one of the country’s most accurate, is testing out early polling ahead of Thursday’s Republican primary debates, and they uncovered some surprising findings.


While Deez Nuts is still an underdog candidate—just 11% of Americans have formed an opinion—a full 8% of voters would opt for Nuts if asked to choose right now between Nuts, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. Though 60% of those polled said they’d be undecided, only 25% would choose Clinton. That’s an early edge for the thus-far-elusive candidate, who has not yet articulated a platform.

The Deez Nuts for President 2016 Campaign could not be reached at press time.

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Oh my god this is a real thing. I thought it was a joke that Jezebel made up and I was like, okay it was funny the first time but I hope they don’t drag it out. But it’s real.