Bravolebrity NeNe Leakes Encourages Followers to Boycott Bravo Over Alleged Racial Discrimination

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NeNe Leakes, a beloved peach holder on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, is fed up with Bravo, the network that made her almost famous, for a second time. But this time around, she really really means it. After announcing she was leaving the cast of RHOA again in September, Leakes accused Bravo overlord Andy Cohen of being racist and is now doubling down on the claim, with a new string of tweets asking fans to boycott the network and help her get in touch with anyone from the “US Department of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in California, New York, or Georgia.”


On Monday night, Leakes hosted an Instagram live discussion with an attorney explaining why she tweeted in support of a fan-created petition to boycott Bravo. In the tweet, Leakes mentions that she and her representatives are supported by Al Sharpton. What exactly does support from Al Sharpton entail? Unclear, but she’s got it and she wants everyone to be aware that she’s got it. In the Instagram live event, Leakes clarified that her stance on the issue of racial discrimination is not limited to Bravo, but a call out to the entertainment industry as a whole.

But make no mistake, Leakes’s first priority is to right the wrongs she feels Bravo has done to her. Vulture reports that during the livestream, Leakes named the network directly and made her demands clear, “What I want from Bravo is for them to sit down with me and my representatives and have a conversation.” Leakes goes on to allege that white castmates of the Housewives cinematic universe are given more room to behave badly than Black castmates. Perhaps she has not watched this season of Potomac where Monique Samuels was given free rein to “drag” Candiace across a table held up by wine barrels with almost no consequences. Or perhaps she did catch Potomac and is befuddled as to how Michael Darby is still allowed to appear on the show despite allegations from several people, including a Bravo camera operator, of inappropriate touching. The possibilities are limitless.

Either way, Leakes has an ax to grind and if it means burning down the house that gave her a career then so be it because, as NeNe Leakes has said a number of times to a number of people, she will not stab you in the back—she’ll stab you in the chest.



Nene Leakes is a bully who was pushed out because people got tired of her shtick and she lost her standing amongst the housewives. No one has been engaging her lately. The truth is her husband and children are dull, she’s a star but she cannot spin off on her own without people to bounce off on. Al Sharpton allowing himself to be name dropped is unsurprising, but Ben Crump ought to know better than to come near this.

Meanwhile, the real housewives business model is built on bad behavior and toxicity. It is pretty rich for Andy Cohen to condemn offenders like Monique Samuels. The producers do their utmost to engineer the beef, then act dumb when a brawl breaks out.