Bravo Now Contractually Obligated to Let Lisa Vanderpump Talk About Those Damn Dogs

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In addition to starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump is a “huge supporter of the LGBTQ community,” a “humanitarian,” and an “animal rights activist” (all her words). Now, thanks to a sparkling new deal with Bravo, Lisa—who reportedly agreed to return for RHOBH’s seventh season under the condition that the network would further highlight her charity work on the show—will have all her interests combined.


According to TMZ, following reports that Lisa might not return to the show because she’s too “busy” and doesn’t like being shit on by her castmates, a deal has been struck:

Production sources tell us Lisa made some demands, but none had to do with money. She wants ‘RHOBH’ to showcase her work in the LGBT community. She also wants the show to put a spotlight on the work she does to fight AIDS. And finally she wants publicity for her fight to put a stop to the dog meat market in China.


RHOBH has featured Lisa’s fight to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, a topic previously covered by Jezebel, by airing a protest march that ended with a hoard of outraged dog lovers mistakenly rallying outside a Los Angeles church rather than the Chinese embassy as intended. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

While Lisa is demanding that Bravo more heavily feature her causes rather than endlessly focusing on either Lyme disease or Lisa being a master manipulator, I would like to put in a request to Andy Cohen and crew to bring attention to MY cause, the Free Rocio Foundation, which seeks to look into the welfare of the Vanderpump’s housekeeper.

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Even though I enjoy her on the show as a villain-in-denial, I CAN’T with her when it comes to this. YES, Yulin is appalling and unspeakably horrible. But it is NO WORSE than how the meat she serves at her countless restaurants is sourced. But because she doesn’t have these animals as pets, she doesn’t give a damn and paints “others” as savages?? It drips with a classism and a blissful state of oblivion/ignorance.

This isn’t to shit on omnivores — this is about hypocrisy. When she converts her restaurants to vegan or humanely-sourced veg only and stops having her “charity” websites as really just pictures of herself frolicking around being LVP, I’ll maybe give her a nod to bringing awareness. Until then, she can sit the fuck down.

*dismounts from soapbox*