Does it matter if The Tourist is any good? It has Jolie and Depp! Ditto the NYC premiere, which also had Pitt, Connelly, Ashanti and some great cold-weather clothes.

Angelina Jolie doesn't really challenge that whole "goddess" thing, does she?

The Connelly-Bettanys, one of the most dapper couples out there. Although at 30 degrees, she must have been chilly.


Tinsley Mortimer's Roman Centurion shoes kind of give her whole getup a weirdly dissonant air.


Rufus Sewell's suit is blinding, but his date's look is so spot-on elegant, I hardly even notice.

See, Ashanti could have just worn shoes with toes and skipped the fur.


Betsey Johnson, cold-weather version.

Gaby Sidibe, perhaps the only one actually comfortable in the cold.


Brooke Shields looks a little Blanche Dubois in the eyes, but the clothes are totally elegant.

Sometimes I think Johnny spends too much time on Tim Burton sets.

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