Brangelina Fighting In France; Ewan McGregor Ends Feud With Danny Boyle

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  • Though Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt looked happy on the red carpet in Cannes, their relationship is clearly on the rocks because once the cameras stopped flashing, "Angelina's smile disappeared and she furiously ran up the stairs of the theatre leaving a flustered Brad to run after her."

Uh, maybe she had to pee? [Daily Mail]

  • Ewan McGregor stopped speaking to Trainspotting director Danny Boyle in 2005 when he accused him of passing him up for the lead role in The Beach in favor of Leonardo DiCaprio. But recently McGregor reached out to Boyle, saying of his success with Slumdog Millionaire: "I haven't spoken to Danny for years, I'm afraid. But I thought [Slumdog's Oscar success] was very well deserved; I liked Slumdog very much. I thought it was an excellent film, and it was nice to see him getting all those accolades. It was great." [The Daily Express]
  • Natalie Cole has been discharged from the hospital less than a week after getting a kidney transplant and losing her sister to lung cancer. Her rep says, "She is doing well under the circumstances." [E!]
  • White Stripes drummer Meg White married Jackson Smith at a double wedding on Friday. The wedding was held at Jack White home in Nashville. The other couple that got married was Jo McCaughey and Jack Lawrence, the Raconteurs' bass player. [AP]
  • Due to the success of Twilight, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie is in the work. It's going to be a reboot, meaning that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joss Whedon will have no involvement. Surely that won't anger fans of the series at all. [E!]
  • If you have a spare $2.3 million dollars you can buy the Highland Park, Illinois, home that once housed Cameron's dad's car in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. [TMZ]
  • Speaking of Ferris Bueller, ever wondered what happened to the Gummi Bear girl? [Babble]
  • Al Pacino will star as Dr. Jack Kevorkian in a new HBO movie. [Variety]
  • Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter is still in critical condition after accidentally strangling herself in the cord to a treadmill. The family issued a statement saying, "The Tyson family would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks for all your prayers and support, and we ask that we be allowed our privacy at this difficult time." [People]
  • Update: Tyson's daughter has passed away, reports People. Let's send prayers, everyone. [People]
  • In this short film for the MTV Movie Awards, Eminem pretends that he actually went back to high school during his hiatus, rather than going to rehab. Rolling Stone describes it as "Strangers With Candy starring Eminem instead of Amy Sedaris." [Rolling Stone]
  • Katie Holmes co-hosted the PBS Memorial Day Concert on Sunday. Before the concert, Tom Cruise took son Connor and daughter Suri to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. "What an affectionate father he is," said an observer. "He was very affectionate with Suri and he wanted to know what his children were interested in seeing." [People]
  • The Jonas Brothers spent Memorial Day weekend in Rio posing with the Christ the Redeemer statue. [TMZ]
  • Mariah Carey explains how she decided on her look for her new film Precious saying, "They were doing prosthetic noses and trying to figure it out, and it kept making me break out and screw up my face and I just ripped it up at the end looking horrid, and he was like 'it's perfect!'" She adds, Because Lee Daniels is a great director and he just wanted me to be so far away from myself, from the me that people know." [The Mirror]
  • No Doubt is currently touring together after taking a hiatus. Adrian Young says, "There might even be some people that will think that we broke up, and that this is a reunion tour — and it's just not the truth. We went 17 straight years without stopping, and we started having families, and we were burnt and we needed to do our own thing for a while." Each band member is currently traveling on their own tour bus, with their families. [CNN]
  • Dustin Hoffman says he took a five year hiatus from acting after receiving a lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute in 1998. "Somehow it hit me in my bone marrow – they're saying I've lived a lifetime, and I didn't feel I had," he says. "Not in the work, as much as in life, and I wanted to live life. I realised one thing will remain a constant and that is there is just not enough time." [The Telegraph]
  • "Marriage is such a mark of adulthood in my mind," says Mandy Moore, who married Ryan Adams in March. "It still feels not entirely real. Things are wonderful, and there's such a peaceful settledness about it. But sometimes I can't wrap my head around it. It seems bizarre but really cool at the same time, like, 'Wow – I did that!' " [People]
  • When an interviewer pointed out that Brenda Blethyn plays a mother in her best known screen roles, Secrets and Lies, Little Voice, and Mrs Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, she said, "Well, most women of my age are." However, she is not a mother. "I just never made the decision," she says. "It's no big deal. I have lots of nephews and nieces. But I do get a bit annoyed when people ask why so many of the characters I play are mothers. Nobody seems to notice that a lot of the parts male actors play are fathers." [The Guardian]
  • Evangeline Lilly of Lost says: "[Producers] have seen that I haven't picked up on the opportunity to become a big movie star. It frustrates [them] that they've given me this chance to become the next Angelina Jolie." She adds, "Sure, I'd love to be her, but just the humanitarian side." [The Daily Express]
  • "For me, it's not a pastime, going out and meeting people and trying to hook up with people. That actually makes me feel disgusting. From a really early age, I was really sensitive to that. Getting your flirt on is the best thing in the world, but when it comes to sharing bodily fluids with a person I don't know - no thank you." - Katy Perry. [The Daily Express]
  • "I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books. I like to get information from doing stuff like actually talking to people and living real life." - Kanye West, author of Thank You And You're Welcome. [Yahoo]



Hey Kanye, maybe if you read a book every once in a while, YOU WOULDN'T BE SO STOOOPID!

I say this as a proud non-listener of your music.