Brandy Will Play Roxie Hart In Chicago

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Dramatic gasp: Brandy has landed a role in Chicago on Broadway. The singer will play housewife Roxie Hart in the 1920s-set production.


Robin Givens (in 2006) and Michelle Williams (in 2010) are the only other black women who have taken on this role. Besides Moesha, Brandy's other notable acting gigs include playing the first black Cinderella in the TV remake with Whitney Houston and, currently, The Game. Also: "The Boy Is Mine."

Admittedly, Brandy was never the most amazing actress, but Broadway will play to her hokey strengths. I leave you with a classic Cinderella moment.

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I think she will be great. But it sucks that at this point being in the Chicago revival is pretty much the equivalent of being on Dancing With the Stars (which Brandy already did and was inexplicably voted off before Bristol Palin). Jerry Springer, Lisa Rinna, Ashlee Simpson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Christie Brinkley, Wendy Williams and dozens of other celebs have all been in the cast at one time or another.

Why can't Brandy go star in Cabaret? How many black Sally Bowles have we had?