Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana Are 'Totally Dating'

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Though we heard a month ago that Bradley Cooper was seeing actress Melanie Laurent, now sources say that he and Zoe Saldana are dating. Sorry, not just dating, "totally dating." Saldana and her boyfriend of 11 years split in November, and supposed she and Cooper had plans to go skiing in the Rockies together over the holidays. Reps haven't confirmed anything, so it's unclear if this is for reals, or if it's just a convenient story for a slow gossip week because paparazzi already have pictures of the two kissing while filming The Words. [E!]

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Supposedly Katy Perry and Russell Brand had a "massive fight," and decided to spend the holidays apart. This is depressing mainly because the writers at Us put no effort into concocting these fake quotes from a source: "They had a massive fight," says an insider. "She was like, 'F—k you. I'm going to do my own thing.' Russell replied, 'Fine, f—k you too.'"
Another anonymous source offers these untittilating details: They're having "problems" and have been spending "a lot of time apart." [E!]

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According to former Anthony Weiner texting partner Traci Nobles, he expressed an interest in having a three way with her and another guy. Clearly this news is deeply distressing, but an insider assures us he's "not gay," just "very open sexually." Phew! [Radar]

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Steven Tyler's family members aren't celebrating his engagement to Erin Brady because they say she's "just not nice," and has been "mean to the family." They're also offended that he didn't tell them he'd be popping the question last weekend, as it prevented them from harassing him for the past few weeks. [TMZ]

  • Debra Messing, who recently announced that she's split from her husband of 10 years, is dating her Smash costar Will Chase. [Us]
  • Though Lindsay Lohan declared that she wasn't hosting any New Year's parties because she doesn't want to risk violating her probation, she's actually turning down offers because she's already accepted a gig in Dubai. [The Superficial]
  • Former Tiger Woods mistress/Celebrity Rehab alum Rachel Uchitel revealed today that she and husband Matt Hahn are expecting their first child. [E!]
  • Sean Brown, O.J. Simpson's former nephew, won't be prosecuted for domestic violence because the D.A. isn't sure if he or his girlfriend started the fight at their home yesterday. [TMZ]
  • Justin Bieber's grandparents got into a car accident, but thankfully they're going to be okay. Bieber's mom Tweeted, "They flipped into a ditch and totaled the car, but thank God they are alive!" [Us]
  • In other big Bieber news, he and Emma Watson have the "Most Influential Hair of 2011." [E!]

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Question re: Zoe and Bradley, and Hollywood in general—I know it's showbiz and all, but I'm still a little struck by how many celebrities find someone else to date/be in a relationship with IMMEDIATELY after ending long-term relationships. I'm not trying to be Judgey McFurrowedbrow—I just can't imagine being in the public eye, with your heart hurting, and having the desire and motivation to embark on another relationship so quickly. Jezzies: what are your thoughts on moving on quickly? For those of you with experience in this area, how have you helped yourself transition into a new relationship in a relatively short amount of time? (I am striving to become a slightly more duck's-back sort of person).