Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Dance, Bicker In Silver Linings Playbook Trailer

Your boyfriend Coop-a-doop and Jennifer Lawrence have both earned acclaim for their performances in the upcoming David O. Russell-directed novel adaptation Silver Linings Playbook. The film concerns a man, recently released from a mental health facility after a breakdown in the face of his wife's infidelity, moves home with his parents (Robert Deniro! So nice to see you playing a dad without having to spit out bad dead-eyed jokes about Ben Stiller's testicles!) and meets a fetching widow.


The two bond when, if you go by the random twist in this trailer, she needs him to be her partner for a dance competition. Which seems a little bizarre, but I'll buy it, since it has been proven that every serious adult relationship problem can be overcome with a good:

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Why is it so common for Hollywood to pair up older men with young women? There's no problem with those kinds of relationships, my beau is a bit older than me as well. It's just...they often make it seem like the two characters are peers when in reality they aren't. There are plenty of actresses in their late 30s early 40s who could play love interests for Cooper, it's sad they aren't being used.

I actually have this issue with Lawrence. I remember it w

as hard for me to believe her as Mystique in First Class because she seemed to be in her early 20s but I had gotten so used to her as someone in their teens (Winter's Bone) and again, in Hunger Games Katniss is a teen. J.Law's face just reads young to me so I don't immediately believe her in certain roles. She's a great actress either way. I'll probably watch this when it's in Red Box.