Brad Pitt Will 'Fight and Fight Hard' For Joint Custody of His and Angelina's Six Children

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, two talented B-listers who successfully conned the world into thinking they’re A-listers, are getting divorced. I know you know about this. We all know about this. News of their uncoupling came closer to breaking the internet than Kim Kardashian’s bare ass ever could, but what I found to be the only intriguing aspect of their otherwise boring and semi-predictable split (When’s the last time they were charming together as a couple? Were they ever?) was that Jolie requested full custody of their six children.

This Us Weekly report sheds a tiny bit of light on Jolie’s request, claiming she made the decision to divorce Pitt after “an incident” that “affected the entire family” just one week ago.

But despite those rumors, TMZ reports Wednesday that Brad will still “fight and fight hard” for joint custody. Their “Brad sources” claim:

“There’s no chance that’s going to happen.” Pitt wants joint custody … he doesn’t want to interfere with Angelina’s ability to be a co-parent, but he won’t allow her to thwart him.

They continue:

As we reported, our Angelina sources claim Brad heavily indulges in weed and alcohol and that, combined with what she claims is an anger problem, poses a danger to their kids.
Our Brad sources insist … he’s never put his kids in danger … ever.

When “Angelina sources” and “Brad sources” are at odds, who should we believe???

The answer, of course, is The Daily Mail:


Here’s a video of CNN breaking the Brangelina breakup news to George Clooney. This tweeter calls it “hilarious,” but it most certainly isn’t. Clooney’s lack of emotion and near robotic delivery (the man is media trained to death) makes for uncomfortable viewing. So. Watch it!

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