Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have raised six beautiful children together. As A-list celebrities who act, direct and fit in some human rights activism here and there, their brood travels frequently and is homeschooled. Pitt likened their globe-trotting lifestyle to that of migrant workers. What in the what?

In an interview with the Telegraph, Pitt discussed his family’s jet-set life:

‘Well, our life is their normal. Because we’re migratory workers in a sense, they have this wonderful thing where they get to be students of the world. They have memories of being in Vietnam, or that time in Paris, or over in Calgary. The downside is friends, sleepovers, team sports – these have been the challenges that we’ve had to work out.”

Hey, being able to give the gift of world travel to your children is a wonderful thing, but must you use the term “migratory workers?” A rich-ass famous couple who can jump on a plane to literally go anywhere they want at any time and whose jobs require them to be on location in exotic places is probably quite different than the life of an actual migrant worker. God, Brad!

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