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Brad Goreski has made quite a name for himself since fleeing from under the wing of his mentor and BFF Rachel Zoe—he's even got a new series on Bravo called It's a Brad, Brad World—but that doesn't mean he doesn't sometimes miss talking to his old boss:

I left my job as style director working for Rachel Zoe, but we don't speak to each other. I would love to be able to speak with her. Everybody asks me if I've seen the baby. I have not seen the baby because I have not been invited. ... I kind of have an idea why, but I think that those reasons are unjust. I feel like I have conducted myself with honesty, with dignity, and with grace, and I will continue to do so, no matter what is said about me.


Brad Goreski Hints at Why He and Rachel Zoe No Longer Speak [People]

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Did anyone else think it was kind of strange that both Taylor and Brad supposedly had stolen clients from Rachel? Taylor seemed like she would be the kind of person who would take every opportunity to excel, but Brad doesn't strike me as someone who would risk anything to betray someone he thought so highly of.