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Brace Yourselves, A Coffee Shortage May Be Coming

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Fellow caffeine freaks, I have some terrible news. Due to global demand for our preferred drug of choice, a coffee shortage could be something that happens in the future. Oh nooooo!


The current rise in coffee consumption will require an extra 40 million to 50 million bags of coffee to be made, Bloomberg reports. Climate change is another reason for the decrease in global production. And Starbucks lovers, you’ll be worrying the most. The type of coffee bean with the biggest threat is Arabica, which is the kind that the coffee chain favors. It’s most at risk due to rising temperatures.

The topic will certainly be discussed at the Global Coffee Forum, which is currently happening in Milan. Let’s hope they can sort this shit out. In the meantime, please enjoy that cup of hot java. Who knows what fate has in store for this fine beverage.


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Coffee is too bitter for me so I don't drink it. I like tea better.