Your baby is dope. I repeat: Your baby is dope. We need more pictures of your dope baby out in in the world, so Facebook is doing this thing called Scrapbook where you can tag your dope baby in it to create a visual record of their awesomeness. Yaaayyyy.

For the estimated trillions of Facebook users with babies, this is a great idea. Just yesterday, I was thinking: Facebook needs more baby photos... and a place to put them that's not just a regular photo album... a scrapbook of sorts.

Enter Scrapbooks. This Facebook video calls it "a special collection that grows with your family." According to Mashable:

Scrapbooks differ from the traditional Facebook photo album in that multiple family members can contribute to the same album, which will appear in the Photos menu of each parent who collaborates. Parents can also tightly control who can see photos in scrapbooks and how their children are tagged [PHEW]. If parents don't want their child's name on Facebook, for example, they can choose to identify their child by a nickname or initials.

To create a scrapbook, you must have your child's name listed as a family member under your relationship information on Facebook (those who have a pet listed can also make scrapbooks for their four-legged friends.)


Way to bury the lede. Dope pet scrapbooks will soon be the second best thing about Facebook.

Babyless? I'm sure looking at the scrapbooks are just as fun as making them. Really, I hope this is just a dumb joke for April Fool's Day, the most horrific day of the year.


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