Brace Yourself for Bigger Littler Lies

Screengrab via HBO.
Screengrab via HBO.

HBO prestige drama Big Little Lies did great at the Emmys on Sunday, stealing awards like it stole our hearts. Now it seems like the one-off series is getting closer and closer to a second season, which is most likely a terrible idea.

But what can you do when the prestige is so good? Deadline reports that no actors have been formally approached but most have expressed interest in returning to the beaches of Monterey. And the execs are all over it:

“I think a second installment, before tonight and after tonight, still depends on Reese, Nicole, David, Laura and everybody being excited about the idea,” said HBO programming president Casey Bloys at HBO’s post-Emmys party Sunday. “The producers are all talking, they seem very excited. I haven’t seen anything yet but I’m hopeful because they are so excited,” he said, declining to elaborate further.


They also checked in with producers and stars:

Earlier in the night, Jean-Marc Vallée, who won for both limited series directing and best series as an EP on Big Little Lies said, “It would be great to reunite the team to do it.” Added Witherspoon, “We’re talking about it.”

There has never been a more unnecessary sequel to a mini-series. Are we going to see the ladies haunted by what they’ve done, a ghostly Alexander Skarsgard stalking them yet again? Further police investigation? Middle school drama? We had a conclusion to all these issues. Let these women picnic in peace!

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Big Little Lies does not need a direct sequel. Instead of making one, why not adapt another Moriarty novel with (most of) the same cast in new roles?