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Bra Thief Conveniently Strikes Italian Town of Bra

Illustration for article titled Bra Thief Conveniently Strikes Italian Town of Bra

In Italy, a 28-year-old man hit up a town called Bra — yes, that is the real name — to raid local balconies for, er, bras.


After his heist, police allegedly found “a house full” of ladies undergarments at his residence. The Local reports that this guy also has a record for harassing an ex-girlfriend. As for Italy, this isn’t the country’s first experience with lace-loving thieves.

Last summer, a 64-year-old man named Renzo Cavalieri stole 200 euros worth of bras from a supermarket in Caorle, Vento. At the time, he’d just gotten left prison after a year-long stint for doing the same thing before. When asked why he commited the crime, Cavalieri just said, “I have no idea why I keep stealing bras.”



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